Kitchen Cops

Nov 16, 2012 12:00 AM

Kitchen Cops hit the roof at a south side restaurant

TUCSON - It may have cooled down in Tucson, but that has not stopped Pima County Health Inspectors from keeping the heat on eating establishments that serve you food.

In this week's edition of Kitchen Cops, inspectors uncovered a restaurant that has a problem with its kitchen ceiling, and that was just one of the violations that added up to a "Provisional" rating.

El Dorado Restaurant, at 1949 S. 4th Avenue, received six critical and four non-critical violations. The ceiling over a food prep table is described as "coming down." The floor was noted to be in severe disrepair. Rusted shelving was also observed. Food tested over the required maximum 41 degrees with guacamole at 61 degrees and pico de gallo at 66 degrees. Dishware stored as clean was found with food debris on it. A plastic cutting board was so worn, it had holes through the surface. With more than five violations not corrected during the inspection, El Dorado Restaurant was given a "Provisional" rating.

World Dining, the Honeywell facility cafeteria, at 11100 N. Oracle, received one critical and 7 non-critical violations. Several utensils, bowls and pans, stored as clean, had food debris on them. Vents above a grill line had dust build up. And the ice machine door was observed with a slimy substance on it. With all the violations corrected with the inspector on site, World Dining received a "Good" rating.

Two weeks ago, Carl's Jr., at 7805 E. Broadway, was profiled for having received a "Needs Improvement" rating. Last week, Shogun Restaurant, 5036 N. Oracle, was also profiled for having received a "Provisional" rating. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that both establishments have passed re-inspection.

Restaurants recognized for excellent ratings include, Cracker Barrel, at 8400 N. Cracker Barrel, Venice Pizzeria at 7848 E. Wrightstown Road and Alice's Restaurant, at 5416 E. Pima St..


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