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Jul 17, 2013 8:22 PM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: Restaurant employees hygiene touch and go

TUCSON - Every week Pima County Health Inspector's evaluate hundreds of eateries throughout the county, on a mission to keep the food you eat safe.

On the list of violations this week included a local restaurant with employees whose grasp of proper hygiene in the kitchen is "touch and go".

Brawley's Restaurant received four critical violations. A cook was observed arranging pancakes on a plate with his bare hands. Another cook handled raw eggs with gloves on, and then touched clean dishes without washing hands or changing gloves.

Food in a walk-in cooler tested above the maximum 41 degrees including diced ham at 81 degrees and sausage gravy at 48 degrees. A meat slicer and food trays were encrusted with food debris.

With all violations corrected during the inspection, Brawley's Restaurant was given a "Good" rating.

El Potosino Restaurant, at 1400 W. Prince Rd., received seven critical violations. Raw pooled eggs were found in used containers with narrow openings. Containers that cannot be properly cleaned cannot be used repeatedly.

Several food items tested above the required maximum 41 degrees. Shrimp was found thawing in a pan of water temped at 57 degrees. Chili rellenos, cheese and other potentially hazardous foods, in a refrigerator, tested between 53 and 55 degrees.

With 7 critical violations, El Potosino was given a "Provisional" rating.

Restaurants awarded excellent ratings include, Alejandro's Cafe, at 31 N. Scott Ave., Frank's Sports Grill & Bar at 7930 E. Speedway and Beyond Bread, at 421 W. Ina.


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