May 15, 2014 11:59 PM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: Restaurant pays the price for a "Double Dip"

TUCSON - This week's edition of Kitchen Cops begins with a cook at a restaurant known for fine Asian dining, with at taste for the "double dip".

Chopstix Fine Asian Dining, at 8225 N. Courtney Page Way, received seven critical violations. A cook was observed using a ladle to taste broth, then used the same ladle to continue to cook. A food employee was seen handling clean equipment and utensils without first washing his hands. Several knives on a magnetic strip had dried residue on them. A vegetable peeler and rice cooker were described as dirty with food debris present. A non-critical violation cited a fan above the cook line severely coated with dust and dirt. With seven critical violations, Chopstix Fine Asian Dining, was given a "Provisional" rating.

Chopstix Management issued a statement saying,"To Our Valued Customers, it is our highest priority to continue serving high quality food to our customers, we are working with the health department to resolve the violations we were cited for."

Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill, at 4625 E. Grant, received seven critical violations. An employee was seen handling strawberries with their bare hands. Dirty dishes put away as clean had encrusted food on them. Pasta dishes, stored in walk-in cooler, had expired discard dates. Cutting boards in the kitchen were stained and had deep cuts and gouges, food contact services must be smooth and free of inclusions. With seven critical violations, Applebee's Neighborhood Bar & Grill, was given a "Provisional" rating.

Restaurants awarded excellent ratings include, Chang's Fast Food, at 347 E. 36th St., Yogi's Indian Café & Market, at 2537 N. Stone Ave. and Zin Burger, at 1865 E. River Rd.

To see the complete inspection reports on eating establishments we feature, go to kvoa.com and click on "Kitchen Cops."


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