Kitchen Cops

Feb 10, 2012 12:00 AM

Kitchen Cops: Restaurant serves raw eggs

TUCSON - Denny's on E 22nd St. received 1 critical violation and 2 non-critical violations.

Raw chicken was not being stored at a safe temperature.
A three compartment sink used for sanitizing was directly connected to the sewer line, and drawers on the cook line had a puddle with slimey growth in the bottom.

Denny's on E 22nd received a "Good" rating.

Cracker Barrel just off I-10 on the northwest side received 4 critical violations.

A cook pouring eggs onto the grill got raw egg on a clean plate and then placed ready-to-eat eggs on the same plate to be served. Liquid eggs were not being stored at a safe temperature. A cook grabbed clean plates with raw eggs on her gloves, and several pots and pans were stored as clean with food debris on them.

Cracker barrel received a "Good" rating.

We told you two weeks ago about Mi Cabana on S 6th Ave. receiving 12 critical violations.
All of the violations were corrected so Mi Cabana passed its re-inspection.

Mama's Famous Pizza and Heros on 22nd, Los Betos on Golf Links Rd. and Luke's on Grant Rd. all received an "Excellent" rating.


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