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Nov 30, 2012 12:00 AM

Kitchen Cops returns from Thanksgiving with new offenders

TUCSON - Kitchen Cops back in action after the Thanksgiving break; Pima County Health Inspectors are on the lookout for eateries not keeping the food they serve you safe.

This week, inspectors found one restaurant experiencing a warming trend, and another needing to re-educate their gloved ones.

Brooklyn's, at 3790 E. Irvington Road, received three critical violations. A kitchen employee handled raw beef then put on gloves and prepared ready-to-eat food without washing their hands first, according to health department reports. Other kitchen staff members were observed not washing hands between glove changes. Food handlers were also not wearing hair restraints. A food slicer and utensils were found stored as clean with food debris on them. All violations were corrected during the inspection earning Brooklyn's, a "Good" rating.

Crossroads Restaurant, 2602 S. 4th Avenue, received two critical and four non critical violations from the Pima County Health Department. The restaurant's buffet line had food items below the required 130 degrees. Pozole, menudo and birria were tested at 120 degrees. A cook's reach-in cooling unit had items above the required maximum of 41 degrees. Chili relleno was tested at 45 degrees and whip cream at 50 degrees, the health department documents state. The cook area hood panels had heavy grease buildup. Walls and food containers had product residue on them. All violations were corrected with the inspector on site giving Crossroads Restaurant a "Good" rating.

Two weeks ago, El Dorado Restaurant at 1949 S. 4th Avenue, receiving a "Provisional" rating. The Pima County Health Department confirmed that the restaurant passed re-inspection.

Restaurants receiving excellent ratings include: Old Pueblo Grille, at 60 N. Alvernon Way, Sweet Tomatoes, at 6202 E Broadway and Monkey Burger, at 5350 E. Broadway.

What do "Provisional," "Excellent," and the other Pima County Health Department ratings really mean? Click here to read a breakdown on the Kitchen Cops' weekly ratings.


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