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Oct 24, 2013 11:00 PM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: Something fishy discovered during reinspection

TUCSON - With the holiday season fast approaching, Pima County Health inspectors are already in a giving mood-- but these restaurant owners might not be considering it a gift.

Umi Star on Campbell

In August, News 4 Tucson, reported that Umi Star Restaurant received a "Provisional" rating. Critical violations included expansion plans and equipment that had been installed without proper authorization. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed that all additions have since been approved.

However, during the restaurant's re-inspection the inspector uncovered a more immediate problem. Potentially hazardous food stored in a refrigeration unit tested above the maximum 41-degrees with fresh tuna at 62 degrees, salmon at 62 degrees and raw fillet at 63 degrees. According to the report the sushi chef failed to turn the unit on.

As a result of the violation Umi Star, at 2502 N. Campbell failed re-inspection and will be inspected within 10 days.

Umi Star Restaurant released the following statement:

"A breaker had popped that morning from our cleaning crew and any material that was affected in that one cooler by the electrical short was discarded prior to any prep or service when kitchen staff got in and inspection started that morning...nothing was prepared and or served."

El Rio Grill, 1400 W. Speedway

El Rio Grill received two critical violations. The inspector conducting the evaluation discovered there was no hot water in the facility. With the violation not corrected during the inspection, El Rio Grill was given a "Needs Improvement" rating. The inspector returned the following day and the Pima County Health Department has confirmed that El Rio Grill passed re-inspection.


Last week, News 4 Tucson, reported Outer Limits School, at 3472 E. Ft. Lowell, a "Needs Improvement" rating. The Pima County Health Department has confirmed Outer Limits School passed re-inspection.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include:

  • El Torero Restaurant 231 E. 26th St.,
  • Bumsted's 500 N. 4th Ave. and
  • Bentley's House of Coffee 1730 E. Speedway

To see the complete inspection reports on all featured eating establishments go to


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