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Aug 16, 2013 1:00 AM by Sean Mooney

Kitchen Cops: Umi Star gets 6 critical violations

TUCSON - Keeping the food you eat safe when dining out is only part of what Pima County Health Inspector's do. It is also their job to make sure the places where you dine are properly maintained.

Umi Star Restaurant, at 2502 N. Campbell, received six critical violations. Recent additions to the facility were not authorized by the Pima County Health Department. In the restaurant's inspection report the inspector reproted "the establishment has grown beyond it's agreement with Pima County". Management was instructed to re-install an altered ceiling because it was not easily cleanable. A hood system, a fryer and a walk-in cooler were among equipment installed without the department's knowledge.

Concluding his report the inspector wrote "the current operation poses a risk to public safety". With more than five critical violations Umi Star Restaurant was given a "Provisional" rating.

Curry Leaf Restaurant, at 2510 E. Grant Rd., received three critical violations. The interior of a make-top refrigerator was very dirty and covered with food debris. A wood handle, on the refrigerator, was observed wrapped in plastic, encrusted with dirt and grease. The inspector also cited in the report that "the facility is in need of a thorough cleaning".

With all critical violations not corrected during the inspection, Curry Leaf Restaurant, was given a "Needs Improvement" rating.

Restaurants awarded "Excellent" ratings include, Claire's Cafe, at 16140 N. Oracle, Paco's Mexican Food, at 5563 E. Grant and Sakura Teppan Steak & Seafood Restaurant, at 6534 E. Tanque Verde


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