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Oct 10, 2012 1:00 AM

Kristi's Kid family makes frequent journey for treatment

VAIL - Kristi's Kid Caleb Norton is almost six months old and he's already facing an incredible battle. Diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer, this Vail baby's treatment is a 10 hour drive away, every two weeks, for the whole family.

Caleb was perfectly healthy when he was born. Everything was good to go at his 2-week check. But that changed so quickly.

"We took him for his two month check up, to his doctor. And he did his eye exam and noticed that there was no red reflex in his right eye," says Christine Caillet, Caleb's mom.

No light was reflecting off of Caleb's retina. He was referred to an eye specialist, who made the diagnosis.

"Retinoblastoma. That he had tumors in his eyes," says Christine.

The tumors are very aggressive.

"They enucleated his right eye. The tumor mass was so large and the retina was detached. They were fairly certain he had absolutely no vision in his eye," explains Christine.

Caleb has tumors in his left eye also which are being treated with lasers. But there isn't a qualified pediatric specialist in Arizona.

The family has to drive to Children's Hospital Los Angeles every two weeks for specialized treatment which takes at least 9 hours each way.

If Caleb's having a bad day there are more stops along the highway. Flying is too expensive. And the twice monthly road trips are adding up.

Caleb's dad Health Norton says it's an emotional journey.

"It's hard's hard to just wish you could switch places with him you know."

Caleb needs your help making those trips to L.A. Ideally it would be great if they could fly every now and then. If you want to help click here for Caleb's Facebook page.

There's an account in Caleb Norton's name at any Chase bank. His father, Heath Norton, is custodian of the account.


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