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Aug 15, 2013 12:11 AM by Kristi Tedesco

Kristi's Kid, Lizzie Bell is released from the hospital following a transplant

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - Lizzie Bell has been released from the hospital 20 days after her long-awaited bone marrow transplant.

Lizzie has spent her whole life in Tucson battling a rare blood disorder, called "Diamond Blackfan Anemia."

Lizzie's mom tells Kristi's Kids, there's "still LOTS to do.... so much to do! Still have to be here in Minnesota 100+ days.... through Thanksgiving. Pray!! NO fevers, NO rejection NO infections, NO funny business..... and NO transfusions of red blood cells!!! She is holding her own - you guys, the kid has not had red cell transfusion since early July.... PRAY!!!!!!!!"

Lizzie and her family are on the waiting list for a Ronald McDonald house. In the meantime, they're staying at an exended stay hotel. They MUST stay near the hospital, in case of emergency. Also, they MUST hire a cleaning service to accommodate the strict guidelines for cleanliness and ventilation with transplant recipients.

If you're able, please consider making a contribution to Lizzie's transplant related costs. Click here:


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