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Aug 4, 2014 10:32 PM by Kristi Tedesco & Edgar Ybarra

Kristi's Kids: Flowing Wells teacher needs help getting ready for school

TUCSON - Mario Ruiz is a 7th grade teacher at Flowing Wells Jr. High. He tells Kristi's Kids "...every student that comes in is part of our community already and we take care of them regardless of how much money or supplies they have, whether they have a backpack or not."

Ruiz is taking inventory of what little supplies remain, from last year, at the district's school supply distribution center. Paper is desperately needed. And now, with the new common core standards, there's an urgent need for highlighters, dry erase markers, pens and pencils.

Ruiz says "...I don't think I've ever had a year where I didn't spend more than I expected. It's in the hundreds, even thousands, on different supplies... just to finish out the year."

Katie Rogerson of Tucson Values Teachers agrees and says " schools are closing across the region teachers are having larger classrooms. There are a lot of kids that have a great need. A lot of kids live in poverty."

For Ruiz, it's a basic equation. School supplies equal seconds on the clock, " they have pen, pencil, paper ready to go, ready to work? Because every second that they don't have to worry about that is another second that I have in class for instruction..."

To view the full news story, click on the video above.

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