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Feb 5, 2014 9:42 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Kristi's Kids Investigation: "Long Wait For Justice," Part One

TUCSON - Kristi's Kids did some digging and learned, of all the child killers on Arizona's death row, the two who've been on the longest killed Tucson kids.

Frank Atwood murdered Vicki Lynne Hoskinson in 1984. He's been on death row 27-years. Richard Greenway's been fighting to stay alive the last 25-years. He murdered 17-year-old Mindy Peters... and her mom, 40-year-old Lily Champagne... in 1988.

For the first time, the victims' family is speaking out about the lives, destroyed... and the hearts, broken.

Vince Peters was Mindy's big brother and Lily's son. He says, Lily was the quintessential PTA mom. He told Kristi's Kids, "she did baking, for the cake walks, at the elementary school. She did... tupperware parties... she made our clothes. She made Mindy's dresses."

Of Mindy, he said, "she just had an overwhelming kindness to her and... a love for everyone."
Vince thought Mindy would be in his life forever. He says, he took that idea for granted.

Mindy also had a younger half-sister named Kathy. Kathy was Lily's daughter, from another marriage. Kathy still remembers Mindy "laying out by the pool a lot... or going swimming..." Kathy says, Mindy was always kind. "I don't remember her ever getting mad at me. It seemed like I could do no wrong."

Kathy didn't want to show her face in our report because one of the killers will, soon, be up for parole. Richard Greenway's accomplice, Christopher "Derek" Lincoln, faces the parole board in June.

Mindy's best friend, Linda, also wanted to be disguised because she knows Greenway. He gave her and Mindy a couple rides home, before that horrible night.

Linda remembers Greenway as a "chilling" man. She says, "there was just something about him. I got this really weird feeling... like nervous feeling... when I was around him. She says, Mindy "... just could not see anything bad in anybody."

March 27th, 1988 Richard Greenway's sinister side came out. He took his 16-year old accomplice, and a .22 rifle, to Mindy and Lily's home. The accomplice tells Kristi's Kids, he thought it would be a simple burglary. They entered, found Mindy and Lily in the family room, and chaos ensued. Lily recognized Greenway. The accomplice shot her in the leg. And then, Greenway took the rifle. Greenway shot both victims in the head.

26-years later, Linda still has Mindy's letters and cards. One letter reads, "I know that nothing is ever going to happen to either of us, but if it ever does, I want you to know that you're the most important thing to me."

Mindy was THE BEST FRIEND Linda will ever have. Linda says, she was "the most compassionate, loving, kind, caring person I've ever met in my life. And I've never, never felt a love so great."

The pain, even greater now, because Greenway's actively fighting to stay alive. He's been filing appeal after appeal.

What's more, Vince didn't just lose Mindy and Lily. 10-years before the double murder, Mindy and Vince's father- a decorated Marine and TPD cop- died in an off-duty car crash. Vincent Carl Peters, gone forever. When Mindy and Lily died, Vince had lost everyone.

Vince says, "it's taken away. It'll never be back. It's like a piece of me is gone... died that day... forever."

Tonight on News 4 Tucson at 10:00, Kristi's Kids investigates how much money you, the taxpayer, have spent on Richard Greenway's appeals. Also, what his accomplice has to say, all these years later. Kristi's Kids' telephone interview with Christopher "Derek" Lincoln, tonight at 10:00.


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