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Feb 6, 2014 12:10 AM by Kristi Tedesco

Kristi's Kids Investigation: "Long Wait for Justice," Part Two

TUCSON - Kristi's Kids has learned, of the 122-people sitting on Arizona's death row, twenty-seven killed children.

A man named Richard Greenway was 19-years old when he murdered an Amphi High School student and her 40-year old mother. Greenway had a 16-year-old accomplice, Christopher "Derek" Lincoln, who testified against him at trial.

According to Tucson Police documents, March 27th, 1988 Mindy Peters and Lily Champagne were murdered in their northeast foothills home. The killers took off with Lily's Porsche and some electronics.

Mindy's older brother, Vince lost his sister and mother that day. 10-years before that? He'd lost his father in a car crash. Vincent Carl Peters was a decorated marine, and TPD officer. The surviving son says, "I miss my mother and I miss my father, but with her (Mindy)... I'll never be whole again... You expect your parents to leave you, but... my sister. She was for me."

Mindy was also for Kathy, Mindy's half-sister, who would have been home the night of the murders if her father hadn't insisted she be with him. Kathy wants Tucson to know, "they were beautiful people... They're sorely missed."

Kathy didn't want to show her face for our report because the legal process isn't over. Greenway is still filing appeals. Most recently, claiming he didn't get good representation at his original trial.

The trial cost taxpayers more than $115,000 dollars. His state appeals, another $127,000. And, at the federal level, $66,000 more dollars, although the court hasn't been billed since 2007. Greenway's attorneys are still filing motions, they're just not filing for payment... yet. Kathy says, it's maddening. She tells Kristi's Kids, "it's sickening that the state would put any kind of money into him... to support him... or to allow him to do any kind of appeals."

Greenway's accomplice, Christopher "Derek" Lincoln, has spent 26-year behind bars. He'll be up for parole again in June. When asked if HE thinks Greenway should die, he responded "I am pro death penalty, believe it or not. If you kill somebody, I believe you should go down that same road."

According to Lincoln, Greenway lured him to the crime scene when he was just 16, promising burglary... 50% of whatever was taken. He says, he is beyond sorry. If he could go back in time, he says, "I'd have tried to stop him... That's what eats at me. I didn't try."

Vince believes, if Mindy had a say, she'd say, "forgive." He says, "if she had seen this happen to somebody else, she would say ‘well that person who did that just needs to be forgiven.'"

Kathy adds, "... maybe he does deserve a second chance, but Greenway? He's sick... Death would probably be the best thing for him."

Bob Hirsch, with Pima County's Court-Appointed Council, has been fighting death cases for decades. His office has billed more than $10-million tax dollars. He says, "it's a terrible waste of tax money. I don't think it does a bit of good. It serves no deterant value. There have been studies that show, it serves no deterant value and yet, we have it here."

Kristi's Kids asked Vince what he thinks of that and he said, "the criminal system's a little too patient with the people who instigate these kind of crimes and not with the victims... The easiest thing for him would be if the sentence was just carried out and he would just leave the life... that he's already, obviously, made a mess of."

Richard Greenway denied Kristi's Kids' request for an interview.

Christopher "Derek" Lincoln has been working as a painter in prison. He says, if he's granted parole, he'll go to a halfway house in Arizona. After that, he'll move to Kentucky, where he has family.

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