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Apr 17, 2014 10:40 PM by Kristi Tedesco, Edgar Ybarra

Kristi's Kids Lifesaver: pool cover warning

TUCSON - Twin sisters, Jocelyn and Shaylyn Spurlock died when they wandered off to a neighbor's above ground swimming pool and drowned when they jumped on the pool cover.

Their death is just an example on how pool covers do not necessarily mean safety for children.

Two years ago, before school, Matt Walsh and his brother Isaiah were playing soccer in the backyard of their Oro Valley home when they accidentally kicked it over the pool fence. The ball landed on the pool cover.

According to Matt, although there were three layers of fencing, he and his brother entered the pool area. Matt thought the pool cover could hold his weight, so he jumped on it to retrieve the ball.

When Matt fell into the water the pool cover wrapped around him and he began to panic.

Isaiah knew his brother was sinking and he ran to help him, he quickly grabbed the shepard's hook and reached in a pulled him out.

Isaiah saved Matt's life that morning.

Matt wrote a report for school about his "close call" properly titled "My brother...My hero."

According to Tracy Koslowski from the Drexel Heights Fire District, when you see somebody struggling in the water, get something to reach out to them with, like a shepard's hook or a pool cleaning pole, never go in after them.

Koslowski has a saying that kids should remember when it comes to pool safety, "Reach or throw, don't go."

To learn more about being a lifesaver, visit the community section of our website, where you can sign your child up for free swim lessons. Also enter to win a free pool fence, or print out our coloring contest sheet.


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