Kristi's Kids

Dec 25, 2012 11:17 PM

Kristi's Kids looks back on a year of changing lives

Tucson - Kristi's Kids are holding out hope. As we face the end of another year, there are eighty children in Pima County who are looking for their forever family. Kids, once abused and neglected, hoping to be adopted.

In 2012, Kristi's Kids featured a dozen of these children. One of them was adopted. 13-year old Michael. He tells Kristi's Kids, he couldn't be happier with his adoptive brother, Cordell. He says, "we play football. We go out. We play X-box like normal kids. We do good."

Chloe was also featured in 2012, and she found her adoptive family. They just have to make it official. Chloe tells Kristi's Kids, "I imagine a great life. Not moving around all the time. And I can see myself going to a pretty good college."

Since 2008, Kristi's Kids has helped 18 local children get adopted. Nine more have been matched with their adoptive families and are just waiting for paper proof.

If you'd like to learn more about the kids, in Pima County, who need homes, click here:


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