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Aug 27, 2014 6:46 PM by Kristi Tedesco and Edgar Ybarra

Kristi's Kids: Students in Marana district still in need of school supplies

TUCSON - Beatrice Dominguez is a first grade teacher at Estes Elementary School. She says that on the first day of school the children are "...excited to be here on their first day of school bringing in supplies."

Dominguez is grateful that most of her students at the elementary school can afford the necessary school supplies. Most, but not all. She says that sometimes, "...they come in with nothing or just used supplies from their siblings and stuff." That's when Beatrice steps in to fill the gap. It happens all year.

Katie Rogerson of Tucson Values Teachers says that many teachers "...often cover things like winter coats, meals for kids that can't afford lunch at school." These are generous acts of kindness, but it shouldn't be this way.

For this reason Kristi's Kids has once again partnered with Tucson Values Teachers and Walgreens. Together, we're gathering school supplies at all Walgreens locations for local schools. You can also give money through and Walgreens will match it.

Katie Rogerson says "...that's really heartwarming when people can come together, with that kind of money, to supply teachers."

In the meantime, teachers like Mrs. Dominguez worry about all kids. Yours, mine and hers. She tells Kristi's Kids "...I'm having to buy supplies for my own children then having to buy supplies for my students in my classroom too..."`


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