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Jun 21, 2012 9:00 PM

Kristis Kids family wins free pool fence

TUCSON - Our News4 Tucson Lifesavers partner, Pool Guard of Tucson, has done it again! A local family, in need of a secure pool fence, got one for free valued at $1,250.

Renecia Lopez entered our online contest because she's worried about her daughters, Adelina and Aubree. Not long ago, the three year old crawled through a doggie door and walked right into the pool. Renecia found her, fully clothed, on the step.

The family put up a makeshift fence but, she tells Kristi's Kids, "it actually doesn't hold very well. If you jerk on it hard enough, it pops open." Now, with the backyard pool fully enclosed, Renecia has found relief. Thank you Pool Guard of Tucson.

To enter our free pool fence contest, click here:

To learn more about pool fences, click here:


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