Dec 31, 2012 7:04 PM by Erika Flores

Last day of the year in the Sierra Vista snow

TUCSON - 2012 was one of the warmest years on record, but Southern Arizonans are thankful for the chill in the air and the gift of snow from Mother Nature on the last day of the year.

Early morning snow blanketed most of Sierra Vista.

"Thank for God for giving the snow on the last day of the year," said Andre Quiles. Quiles and his family are from Brazil. "To see snow in the desert it is way different and a big blast especially the last day of the year. It's so amazing," he said. It's his son David's first time seeing snow.

"He's so happy. He's having fun," said Karla Buldrini. "This morning when we woke up, we saw all the snow and for us it's all new and we were happy, and we're just having fun. It's nice for us too."

For Josh Smith, it's a birthday treat. "It's cool," said the five-year-old. He's building a snowman.

Snow showers throughout the night and early morning made for up to two inches of snow.

"I didn't think I'd be celebrating his fifth birthday building a snowman in the park kind of odd but nice," said Josh's dad Scott. The snow stuck for the morning hours enough for Josh's snowman. A treat these families didn't take for granted. They made sure they got out to play on the last day of the year.


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