Dec 24, 2012 8:37 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Last-minute holiday shoppers race the clock

TUCSON - Last-minute shoppers are racing the clock for holiday shopping.

Tuconans filled shops around town, while about 4 in 10 people are buying gifts at the last minute this year.

Folks like Cathy Lolwing took their crack at last-minute shopping at the Foothills Mall.

"I postponed some stuff so now I'm here at the last minute," Lolwing said.

Sue Murray and her sister Marsha felt the pressure as they searched for their last gift.

"I think it's more anxiety...I wouldn't necessarily call it adrenaline but yes it's like...if it's not here where do we go next?" Murray told News 4 Tucson.

But shoppers throughout Tucson say the crowds have been tame, letting them soak in the holiday spirit. As for Cathy Lolwing, she said she might be tempted to do some last-minute shopping again next year.

"I"m finding some great last minute deals. I was kind of surprised because I usually don't come out so now I might be lured next year," Lolwing said.


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