Dec 23, 2013 11:12 PM by Rebecca Taylor

Last-minute shopping in Southern Arizona

TUCSON - Have you completed your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you're not alone.

Retailers say procrastinators continue to turn out in full force. Christmas Eve expected to see a lot of foot traffic as well, with many stores offering extended holiday hours.

And with Christmas falling in the middle of the week, some shoppers planned their last-minute shopping.

At Target on North Oracle the parking lot is packed, and shoppers have their carts full. Traffic inside the store is surprisingly calm. "The lines are short, they have employees to help you, everybody's real friendly and nice right now," says a Tucson woman.

At Curacao while some shoppers browsed, others meant business on a mission to pick up items on loved ones wish lists.

Many got their heavy shopping done early, leaving just the stocking stuffers. "I did a lot of online shopping, trying to avoid the stores," says a mother with young kids.

"I just like shopping, so I just went in to get a few more things," says another shopper.

"I call her my professional shopper," says Jennifer pointing to her sister.

She says bringing smiles to kid's faces is what drew her out, "About 11 or so, my boss says, we've got some money and there's some kids who didn't get matched for Gifts of Hope, so I need you to go shopping. From then on we just put a plan together and I called my sister and said I need help! So a labor of love? Yes, Yes."

Also drawing shoppers out? Nice December weather.

If you still have gifts to pick up many retailers have extended their hours.
Here's a partial list of what we found on store websites.

Tonight: until midnight
Tomorrow: 7am until 10pm

Open now until tomorrow night at 6pm

Tucson Mall
Tomorrow: 7am to 6pm

Park Place Mall
Tomorrow: 7am to 6pm

Foothills Mall
Tomorrow: 9am to 6pm

La Encantda
Tomorrow: 9am to 6pm

Best Buy
Open until midnight tonight
Tomorrow: 7am to 6pm

Tonight: until midnight
Tomorrow: 7am to 6pm


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