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Jan 28, 2013 4:16 PM

Laughter helps with your health

TUCSON-- Even if you're watching your diet, upping your exercise and drinking more green tea, some cardiologists say you may want to add a little laughter to your life.

Some studies suggest it lowers blood pressure, there have been other investigators who have shown it may have an affect on immune response, so perhaps better response from someone who has a common cold or infections when they laugh.

Researchers have found that laughing not only loosens us up, and opens up our blood vessels, it can also de-stress us.

That's good because stress can cause the brain to overload with chemicals that could lead to high blood pressure, even a stroke or heart attack.

You can easily counteract a stressful response with laughter.

Best ways to get a good chuckle?

Doctors recommend spending time with friends or enjoying a funny book or a comedy on tv or at the movies... and try to see the humor in life.


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