Jan 14, 2013 8:41 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Lawmakers react to Governor Brewer's State of the State address

In her fifth state of the state address as Governor, Jan Brewer said Arizona must strive to be competitive.

The governor said she would expand funding for Child Protective Services, and would restore funding for the School Resource Officer program. She said students and teacher and teacher must feel safe to enjoy the learning experience, "Our job now is to take common sense steps that lessen the liklihood of a similar tragedy striking Arizona while resisting the urge to turn a school into a fortress."

Republican Representative Ethan Orr said he supports the idea but believes the costs can be shouldered by city municipalities, school districts and the state. Orr said it's estimated the SRO program would cost approximately $8.9 million. As a freshman legislator he said he was pleased with the governor's speech, "I liked her committment to CPS. I want to work with her to expand funding in school resource officers and I think the expansion of Medicaid bears some looking at."

Meanwhile, Democrat State Senator David Bradley said, "I want to make it clear that it has to be good training. Statistically across the nation the use of school resource officers is kind of a double edge sword at times cause they end up in disciplinary role because they lack other resources."

Governor Brewer also announced executive orders regarding human trafficking and the state's natural resources.

The governor said the state has a $450 million budget surplus this fiscal year, but details won't be released until later this week.


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