Apr 30, 2013 2:07 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Layoffs possible at Sierra Vista call center

SIERRA VISTA - Dozens of families in Sierra Vista could be hit hard by layoffs this week.

A spokesperson for Aegis Communications confirms more than a quarter of the call center's workforce could get pink slips.

News 4 obtained a letter, with the headline reading 'Notice of Mass Layoffs'.

The head of marketing tells News 4 Tucson, that 120 people could be laid off.

It's a big blow for Sierra Vista, the local economy has been hit hard in recent months with military transfers, and sequestration cuts.

Al Ellefson lives in Sierra Vista and is employed by Aegis. "It's sad, all kinds of businesses are closing down, it's a sad time it seems like."

Another Aegis employee Elizabeth McDonald says, "I hear a lot, my job I might lose it, so I'm trying to find another job too."

Neither Ellefson or McDonald had heard, or read the letter to Aegis associates, dated April 29, 2013 notifying them of mass layoffs.

In it, the call center's Associate Vice President says because of an unexpected contract termination, Aegis must terminate all customers service reps and related administrative positions with that contract.

According to their Marketing Director, the contract was with a long-term financial services client, and that 120 workers could lose their jobs effective June 30th.

The letter states Human Resources is working to transfer associates within the call center.

For community members, who can't help but notice empty dark store fronts, the news is unnerving.

"Just keep hope you know," says Ellefson.

McDonald adds, "They're trying to get a new contract, that's what I've heard."

The Marketing Director says Aegis Communications remains hopeful that a new client will allow them to re-assign at least half of the employees facing the layoff.


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