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May 22, 2013 8:11 PM

Learning lessons about the Great Depression

As we speak there are children in Southern Arizona without basic needs like shoes clothing and food.

Imagine if it was the Great Depression when struggling was chronic, widespread and catastrophic.

Seventh-graders at Desert Sky Middle School in Vail are imagining it and they're taking action.

"What connections did you make from doing the clothing drive and learning about the Great Depression?"

Social Studies teacher Luke Kollasch pushes his students to think. "And what specific ways did the clothing drive personally impact you?"

He came up with the idea of clothing drive to drive home the desperation of kids some 80 years ago.

"And connect that to what happened with kids back during the Great Depression," Mr. Kollasch explains. "In some areas up to 90 percent of the kids did not have adequate clothing. So we really wanted to drive that point home."

For several weeks 120 students collected used shoes and clothing. It's a hands on approach to learning and it's working.

"I learned that a lot of, more than I expected, people were put under pressure during that time and strapped for money," says student Jordan Pilch. "Even more, most of the country was under it."

"It's surprised me a lot because I didn't know that there would be that many people without things that they need," says Jalen Palmore. "Necessarily on a daily basis like food and water. I didn't know that people didn't have that stuff."

The Desert Sky Cougars rounded up 225 bags of items which they're donating to the Gospel Rescue Mission.

And they're learning the need is real in 2013 as it was in the 1930's.

"I thought it really drove home with us, and made us feel like these are clothes that are going to people who we might even know," says Jordan.


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