Sep 20, 2013 1:46 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Less than two months until Vail voters decide on incorporation

VAIL- On November 5 voters will head to the polls to decide whether or not they want to make Vail an official town.

Between now and then a group called Citizens for Vail is in the final stretch of trying to inform voters about the initiative and gain their support.

Dozens of residents packed Old Vail Middle School Thursday night to learn more from Citizens for Vail, as well as mayors from Sahuarita and Marana, two Arizona towns which have successfully incorporated.

"We feel like we can make better decisions on the local level right now," says Scott Altherr of Citizens for Vail. "The majority of the money we pay in taxes goes up to the state capitol and gets distributed back to cities, towns, and counties."

If a majority votes yes on the ballot, the town would be required to provide three things: road maintenance, public safety and a town government.

The state would return about $3.2 million, which would help cover the costs for things like a police force, without raising property taxes. "It sounds like the people doing the research here have done a lot of ground work, which is always good," Resident Kevin Brister says.

But residents say the measure isn't good to go just yet. "My main concern is Vail doesn't have the commercial business for incorporation," Resident Gloria Coltrin says.

"A lot of people have moved out to the Vail area because they want to get away from cities and this a very rural community," Brister says.

If voters approve incorporation, Citizens for Vail will move forward in the planning process with the help of League of Arizona Cities and Towns. It's an organization which has helped towns like Sahuarita successfully incorporate.

"The first thing is the county board of supervisors will appoint a town council, then the first town council will have an initial meeting and it will be at that point in time that they adopt certain ordinances," Altherr says.

Citizens for Vail will hold another town hall meeting on October 17 at Old Vail Middle School.


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