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May 7, 2014 10:13 AM by Ryan Haarer

Library fights blight with artistic bike racks

TUCSON- Last August the main library downtown removed bike racks that sat in front of the children's reading room. It was a hangout for the homeless exposing children to some unsightly activity. People were seen dealing drugs, fighting, even defecating right outside the window. The racks now have a new home.

The City of Tucson's Parks and Recreation department and Bicycle Advisory Committee worked out the details and enlisted artist Troy Nieman for the cool design which spells out the word "read."

"It's attractive and it's encouraging. I mean who shouldn't read!" said Peg Weber with Tucson Parks and Recreation.

It's away from the building so those who carry their home don't stack their stuff against the windows. It deters thieves and vandals by leaving the rack in plain sight.

"People can read at the library tables and such, and they can look out and see their bicycle so it's a comfort level too," said Weber.

The city and library are considering adding additional bike racks to the area.


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