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May 1, 2014 7:17 PM by Kristi Tedesco & Edgar Ybarra

Lifesaver: Designate an adult to watch the pool

TUCSON - Swim at your own risk. Some local pools do NOT have a certified lifeguard on duty so you'll need to designate a "water watcher."

Kristi's Kids spoke with Tracy Koslowski, from the Drexel Heights Fire District, to get a list of things every water watcher needs.

Before kids jump in the water, make sure you have:

1) A cell phone on hand. Only use it to call 911, in an emergency.

2) A Water Watcher whistle. Use it to alert others to an emergency. Someone else should call 911 while the water watcher administers CPR.

3) A flotation ring or shepherd's hook to throw to a swimmer in distress. "Reach and throw... don't go." The water watcher should avoid becoming a victim too.

4) A stopwatch. Water watchers should be changed every 20-minutes, to avoid "watcher's fatigue." Fresh eyes are the best eyes.

To get a free Water Watcher whistle, visit the KVOA lobby (209 W. Elm, Tucson) during normal business hours, Monday-Friday. We have them at our front desk. THEY'RE FREE!

To sign your child up for free swim lessons, or to enter our pool fence and coloring contests, visit our "Lifesaver" page. Click here.


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