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Aug 28, 2014 11:27 PM by Kristi Tedesco & Edgar Ybarra

LIFESAVER: Protect a Child pool fence winner had out-of-code barrier

TUCSON - The Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Company got to work early at the Gomez home, removing sections of an already existing, unsafe fence.

One of the homeowners, Sandra Gomez told Kristi's Kids " is, I think, the original fence from the home from when it was built in the 70's."

Gomez, her husband and two children have lived in the home for two years. Her son Albert is almost two years old and is not very big.

"God forbid he throw something and wants to go after it. I would hate for him to slip through the bars," Gomez said.

Gomez told Kristi's Kids, a few years ago she was at a neighbor's house. The neighbor lost track of the baby and Sandra explained, "...they asked us to help look for him and where they found him was, unfortunately, in a pool."

Sandra administered CPR and the baby was rushed to the hospital, but he later passed away. It's for this reason, Gomez knows, anyone's child can drown.

Christopher Bradford, of the Protect-A-Child Pool Fence Company, tells Kristi's Kids the Gomez family really needed a replacement fence. He said, "We have a old wrought iron fence that's out of code that their child could actually slip through in a number of places."

Bradford says, there's no reason to not have a fence. He says, his fences are affordable and he keeps used fencing in stock.

The Gomez family was happy to win the final Protect-A-Child pool fence. They live in a fixer-upper with various projects on the inside of the house. The gift, valued at $1200, is a blessing to their budget.

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