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Aug 14, 2014 11:23 PM by Kristi Tedesco & Edgar Ybarra

Lifesaver: Tucson mom talks about her 3-year-old's near drowning

TUCSON - A local mother, we'll call "Jennifer," is sharing the details of her 3-year-old daughter's near drowning with hopes of saving other parents from the same nightmare.

She told Kristi's Kids, she was at a relative's home back in May when "...I decided that since my daughter was the only kid there, that um, you know she didn't have anybody to play with, she could go play in the pool."

"Jennifer's" daughter sat on the pool steps and "Jennifer" was within arms reach. "Jennifer" says, "somebody came up to me and asked me a question, and I turned my head not even 90 degrees to answer it... By the time I turned back she was under water."

"Jennifer" says, her daughter was submerged. She tells Kristi's Kids, "I didn't hear a splash or anything..."

"Jennifer" jumped in and pulled her out, thinking she was dead. She had CPR training, but froze. All she could do was scream. That's when someone else jumped in to revive her daughter.

Captain Grant Cesarek of the Rural Metro Fire says, "There are no demographics that say you're protected from this." He says it can (and does) happen to anyone, any time. Vigilance is critical, especially with all the back to school distractions.

"Jennifer" says her daughter's still shaken up so they'll wait until next summer to get her swim lessons. She knows, "you need to keep an eye on them because it happens so fast and you don't hear it you don't hear them go under."

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