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Jun 29, 2013 12:08 AM by Sam Salzwedel

Little league games continue, despite heat

TUCSON - Little league baseball games continued, despite temperatures around 110 degrees.

Jack Greenfield plays for a team near Oro Valley. They were in a tournament game against a Continental Ranch team at The George Mehl Foothills District Park on Friday.

"It's like ridiculously hot," he said. "When I came in my car, when I was on the way here, it said 116 degrees. It was just crazy."

All day, his mom, Becky Greenfield, encouraged him to play well and stay hydrated.

"Probably tonight will be equally," she said. "Hit the ball and drink some water."

The coach, Ben White, was relieved the game was at 5 p.m. instead of earlier in the afternoon. He still watched the kids to make sure they were healthy.

"We have a safety officer that's really on top of it," he said, "and drilled us on some of the signs of heat stroke, when somebody starts getting red and they stop sweating. That kind of thing. Things to look for so we're on top of that."

Jack Greenfield was focused on hydrating all day, but at game time, not as much.

"No. I'm just thinking, ‘Crush the ball. Home run,'" he said. "Home runs on my mind."

He hit a 2-run homer late in the game.


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