Jan 20, 2013 7:43 PM by Erika Flores

Local business battles for beer and wine license

TUCSON-A Tucson business is seeking a license to serve beer and wine.

The Maracana Indoor Sports Arena held an open house Sunday to hear what neighbors think.

Some support the idea, others are worried about potential noise and parking problems.

Neighbors filed through the doors.

Some were passionately against it, like Phyllis Factor.

"It's an issue," said Factor, a board member of the Armory Park Neighborhood Association. "Why do you need booze? Any kind of booze? Even beer or wine."

The neighborhood is next to Maracana Indoor Sports Arena and neighbors fear a beer and wine license would bring chaos to the area.

"I have to do something to get this going, otherwise the dream that I have might go down the drain," said owner Mladen Kozak.

Kozak tells News 4 Tucson that the economy has drained his pocket and selling beer at his business could help him make ends meet.

"Make more money? Everybody wants to make more money, but is it fair for you to make it at the expense of the people who have lived here for years?" said Factor.

Kozak said customers have also requested it.

"We just want people who play here who are here to sit down maybe watch the game on TV and have a beer...after that go home," said Kozak.

Like Julie Reed who also lives in the neighborhood.

"They're customers including me have said it would be great if we could have a beer after the game, so if they're selling something that people want and it's going to help them, I think it's kind of how the world works," said Reed.

Neighbors disrupted by downtown activities are concerned that there will be even more parking issues and noise if the venue sells alcohol.

"There is a lot of things that go on. It is part of living in the neighborhood I think. The difference I think is that we may have four or five parades a year or big events like El Tour de Tucson where this facility is open all the time," said Frank Bohac, neighbor.

Kozak expects to hear from the city council in February.

Kozak also has a hearing in Phoenix about the issue.

The community has until January 28 to send comments to the city council about this issue.

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