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Dec 18, 2012 11:58 AM by Sarah Arevalo / Lupita Murillo

Local mall beefs up security for the holiday season

TUCSON - With Christmas just around the corner, one local mall is increasing their security.

The Foothills Mall will have more security to help make the mall a safer place to shop this holiday season. Security officers keep a close eye on the parking lot that holds over 4,100 spaces, but now they're also keeping track of what goes on inside the mall.

"If a tenant calls we can get there faster, we know where they went, we can see them head out that store. Instead of wondering if they went out that entrance or that entrance, we can actually see them," said Josh Medlin, Foothills Mall Security.

Star Jewelry favors with the extra cameras and security around the mall.

The state of the art cameras move every five seconds, and can capture every angle of every movement.

"We're trying to do our job keeping them safe, trying to help the tenants out by stopping theft, credit card fraud, graffiti," Medlin said.

The cameras outside the mall are just as sharp. "We can follow them on the outside cameras and get a license plate and notify the Sheriff's Department, even if they are off property," Medlin said.

Since the cameras have been in place, over a dozen shoplifters have been arrested.


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