Sep 2, 2014 11:57 PM by Sean Mooney

Local MMA Fighter's Championship ring stolen while he's away

TUCSON - Being a public figure comes with a price, sometimes a price you can actually put a dollar figure to.

Anthony Birchak is one of the toughest humans on the planet but that didn't stop thieves from stealing thousands of dollars worth of items, including a very special ring, from his house, while he was preparing to step in the ring hundreds of miles away.

With that knowledge, burglars might have thought twice before breaking in to his home on Sunday. Birchak thinks they knew he was in Sacramento preparing for a UFC fight.

"It's hard to say that I wasn't targeted, they knew that I would be out of town, they knew that no one was going to be home", Birchak said, "so I'd like to think it was more random than it was but more than likely I was targeted."

According to Roger Score, with Tucson Alarm Company, the burglary business is booming. He says that while Birchak's fight date made it easier for the robbers to strike, less prominent residents need to know how to protect their homes too.

"You buy a security alarm, you don't go on Facebook and advertise your belongings, you don't brag about what you have", said Score, "and make sure you have a private guard response responding to your house when that alarm goes off."

Birchak says the thieves made off with over $20,000 worth of household items, including TV's and jewelry but there is one item that is priceless to the fighter, a championship ring, made after he captured the MFC Bantam World Championship.

"This is 20 years of me being an athlete, all rolled up into one precious thing for me", Birchak said, "and for it to be gone its heartbreaking for me because it's a one of a kind thing that no other champion in the MFC has."

Anthony Birchak says the robbers can keep everything they stole from him, he just wants his ring back.


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