Apr 17, 2013 12:02 AM by Rebecca Taylor

Local runners 'Run One for Boston'

TUCSON - A group of Tucson runners who participated in the Boston Marathon are back home.

Many gathered at Reid Park Tuesday evening to 'run one for Boston'.

Word spread and so did the crowd, with dozens of runners across Tucson joining in.

The running community in Southern Arizona is pretty tight-knit.

What effects one touches them all.

Runners don't stop for pain, it makes them run harder.

The Southern Arizona Runners group gathers twice a week. Tuesday's meet held special meaning.

"Life can change in a second," said Dr. Luis Leon of Tucson.

The vascular surgeon finished the Boston Marathon about an hour before the blasts.

"It was a very interesting sensation. It was an explosion that wasn't just a one second blast, it was six to seven seconds, you feel the ground shaking," said Leon. "Then a few seconds after we heard a second explosion, and then people started walking faster but not knowing what was happening."

About 40 Tucsonans registered for the marathon.

Now back home, many were met by friends, fellow runners who were eager to comfort them and run one for Boston.

Carissa Hernandez says, "In any competition, any sports event you don't think about things that can happen, it's just a tragedy."

For Leon his heart goes out to those injured and killed. He says the best way to celebrate their memory is by running.

"Given what happened, I think it would be symbolic and very good to do it again next year," said Leon. "That's my new goal."

If you'd like to join the Southern Arizona Runners group they meet every Tuesday and Thursday at Reid Park, at 6pm.


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