Aug 28, 2009 1:21 PM by Lupita Murillo

Lupita Murillo follows the FIST unit in action

There's a special unit that hunts for violent fugitives. Its called FIST, a multi-agency task force based out of the Pima County Sheriff's department. Our cameras were allowed to go along on an operation.

"Police, come to the door," says an officer, knocking on a door. "Randy Holberg come to the door, we know you're in there. Do it now."

The self-proclaimed white supremacist is wanted out of California for parole violations. A tip led officers to an east side apartment complex. Once handcuffed, he's taken to jail.

The FIST unit quickly moves to their next target.

Some of the officers have been doing surveillance and say he's inside an apartment complex by the airport. A plan is formulated to make the arrest.

The team gets word the suspect may be leaving and the officers swing into motion.

"Apparently the brother thinks he's wanted for violating his federal parole and we have the warrant for the other brother," says an officer.

The officers move in and make the arrests.

At all times there is constant radio communication between officers and headquarters.

We're into this operation just two hours and already the fist unit has arrested 4 individuals.

Sgt. Pat McGhee of the Pima County Sheriff's Department says "We've been pretty lucky today, a lot of times you'll do a lot of work for a week and never catch them."

Sometimes the FIST Unit gets a bonus arrest. In the process of looking for one of their targets, they came across a man who had a warrant out for a domestic violence charge.


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