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Mar 16, 2014 8:46 PM by Lupita Murillo

Man accused of shoplifting nearly $1,400 worth of beer

TUCSON-Tucson police's newly created Larceny Unit just arrested a man they say is responsible for shoplifting over 40 times at a Circle K.

Detective Joe Wall says 44 year old Raul Garcia has walked out of the 12th and Ajo store with $1,353.00 worth of beer.

Det. Wall says Garcia , "Is in the store a minute or less. He walks right into the cooler grabs his beer and walks right out."

Surveillance cameras have caught him going into the same store multiple times in one day. Det. Wall says, "It costs people between $300-$500 a year just based on the merchandise having to be marked up because it's just flying off the shelves."

Garcia was listed by Circle K as one of their top offenders. So Det. Wall and the Larceny Unit targeted him. They found Garcia last week in the Pima County Jail on another shoplifting charge.

Det. Wall says, "In 2013 alone he has 10 guilty convictions for shoplifting." Garcia was re arrested and charged with felony shoplifting.

Det. Wall says shoplifting is known as a "gateway crime" . "As we go through the different cases it gets worse and worse and sometimes it results in robberies,and assaults."

The Larceny Unit is working together with Circle K as well as other retailers to reduce shoplifting and organized retail theft.


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