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Jan 25, 2014 8:43 PM by Lupita Murillo

Marana family speaks out about pitbull attack

MARANA-A Marana family says they're getting the cold shoulder from neighbors because they called 9-1-1 to report a vicious dog attack. It happened Wednesday. Marana police ended up answering the call. The dog, a pit bull came at an officer and he shot and killed it.

Sandy Trombley was at the park in the Gladden Farms community with her granddaughter Jasmine, and her son Dan Herbster. He saw the dog, and told his mother to care of his 2 year old daughter while he distracted the dog. Trombley says she feared for her granddaughter's life. " I love all animals, but that dog was out of control" she says the dog would bark and it was foaming at the mouth.

When, her son got the dog away from the granddaughter, the dog grabbed at Dan's pant leg. Herbster says, "That's when I drew my firearm and had to kick the dog from getting on top of me." He says he had his gun pointed at the dog's head but didn't shoot . "If there was another child in the next yard or somebody making dinner in the kitchen I didn't know and I wasn't about to take a chance of shooting somebody. "

Trombley was on the phone with 911. "I said we have a vicious dog that's about to attack my son here in the park. She (911 dispatcher) said let me connect you to animal control. I said m ‘am we don't have time for animal control."

Marana Police showed up and tried to capture the dog. Herbster says, "The dog lunged at the officer, putting that officer's life in danger. Ultimately 3 shots were fired."

Trombley says, "Nobody wants to see a dog get shot. But at the same time, there was nothing that could be done."

The family says some people are blaming them for the dogs death. Herbster says, " I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if my daughter or any of these other children here had happened to get bit that day and I could have done something at that time and didn't do it. "

The family says they want to publicly thank the Marana Police Dept. For protecting them and the community.

The dog had no microchip or tags.

Marana police say they don't know who the dog belonged too, they went door to door asking for information. The incident is still under investigation.


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