Oct 16, 2013 7:56 PM by Nathan O'Neal

Marana H.S. works to "Stomp Out Bullying"

MARANA - Marana High School students participated in a "Stomp Out Bullying" campaign Wednesday, in hopes of increasing awareness of the problem and getting students to stand up against bullies.

It's the second year that Marana High has hosted the event but is part of a continuous effort by the school district to curb the bullying problem.

"We are committed to providing a high quality learning environment where our students are safe and feel cared for," states Allison Murphy, MHS principal. "A high school environment consists of a large student population with a variety of student interests. This event provides an opportunity for all students to come together, regardless of their interests, and to stand together as part of a larger cause."

While the "World Day of Bullying Prevention" was last week - Marana High students were on fall break. However, they're back to school and now making up for it with their "Stomp Out Bullying" event.

Jesse Lagois, a freshman at MHS, said that he used to get bullied when he was in middle school but it stopped when he moved.

"There's been a point where I got over it and I beat somebody up," Lagois said, adding that memories of bullying stick with him.

That's exactly the kind of situation this campaign is hoping to prevent - to teach kids how to talk to one another about this growing epidemic plus how to deal with it.

"Most importantly, if they are being bullied, how to get help... hot to go to somebody and talk about it and get somebody to help them stop it," Murphy said.

One this if for sure, it has students talking - and that's the point as they work to ‘stomp' out bullies.

"I feel like it's already serious now," said Ashlee White, a sophomore at MHS. "People are too scared to tell their teachers but it's just as bad if you see bullying and you don't tell anyone about it."

Students also filled out "kind notes" which are personalized messages to send to fellow classmates. It's intended to lift their spirits instead of pushing them down.


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