Sep 6, 2013 12:00 AM by Samantha Ptashkin

Marana teen who survived fatal crash recalls accident

MARANA - A bizarre chain of events on the road leave one teenage driver dead, while his passenger and friend wonders what happened behind the wheel?

Wednesday afternoon, 17-year-old Caiden Morris and his friend, Cody Webster, were driving home from a day at school at the Marana Career & Technical High School. Webster, 17, was behind the wheel.

Officials say they were traveling east on Twin Peaks Road, when the car crossed over the median into oncoming traffic, then struck the off ramp wall. Webster later died at the hospital. He was not wearing a seat belt.

Morris was wearing a seat belt and suffered only minor scrapes and bruises. He stayed home from school on Thursday and he and his family are still trying to make sense of what happened.

Morris says once the car lost control, he started screaming at Webster to tap on the brakes, but he says his friend didn't respond. "He just wasn't responding, almost like he was unconscious," Morris says.

Morris says Webster just kept staring straight ahead. "Something happened to that young boy," says Mother Susan Morris. "One minute he was fine and the next minute he was not fine."

When the car went into the off ramp wall, Morris estimates they were traveling at up to 75 mph. "I got really scared at that moment," Morris says.

After the car crashed, Morris got out through the window to check on his friend. "He wasn't moving," Morris says.

Marana Police are investigating the accident. Investigators will take a look at everything from toxicology reports, to whether or not the vehicle malfunctioned.

Meanwhile, besides wondering what his friend was thinking at the time of the accident, Morris also wonders how things might have turned out different if Webster had been wearing a seat belt. "I really wish I would have told him," Morris says. "I wish I would have checked to see if he had it on."

Morris says his friend usually wore his seat belt on the drives to and from school.

The Marana Unified School District has had counselors on hand for any students who need to talk to someone.


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