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Nov 3, 2010 4:25 PM

Marathon-runner bounces back after menopause

TUCSON - Monica Webster has always been athletic and in shape. She use to run marathons but when she hit early menopause that all changed.

"It just became a little vicious cycle. I gained a little bit of weight, I didn't exercise that much and started feeling really bad," said Webster.

She put on 70 pounds. Adding the weight also took away a lot of her happiness.

"I can't even think about it. Those years were really hard," said Webster.

She realized it had to change when she and her husband took a trip to China.

When they returned, she was embarrassed to show people pictures from the trip because of how she looked.

"It was such a spectacular trip and I think then when we got home and she saw the pictures I think again she was really unhappy about seeing that," said her husband John.

"When I looked at me and my husband we just looked like the odd couple and that just wasn't me. I couldn't believe that I had let myself go that badly," said Webster.

With the help of her dog Willy, her God's will as she calls him, she started to get back in shape.

Every morning, six days a week, they go on a run.

"It's usually gets light and probably ten minutes after sunrise he will just start poking his nose at me and just start whining," she said.

And she has not stopped running, even involving the kids at her son's school.

Webster started the jog-a-thons at Cornerstone Christian Academy, helping to raise $80,000 to build a playground and promote exercise.

She has shed the pounds, regained a sense of happiness, and is even back to running marathons.

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