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Mar 18, 2014 1:22 AM by Nathan O'Neal

Marijuana dispensary stops production of edible products in fear of local laws

TUCSON - A medical marijuana dispensary is halting production of all edible medicines, cutting off sales to more than 20 dispensaries it works with statewide.

Bloom Dispensaries which produced edible marijuana products in a facility in Phoenix distributed to several dispensaries, including its own branch in Tucson. Management said the reason for the decision included fears that they might be violating criminal law in some localities.

In a letter issued to patients and other dispensaries Bloom has worked with, management said, in part, "The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act specifically allows patients to have edible products, but many jurisdictions presently take the position that the criminal code does not allow for the possession, or production of edibles or concentrates."

A spokesperson with Bloom told News 4 Tucson that continuing the production of edibles could put all of their facilities at risk.

Mohit Asnani, one of the directors of the Downtown Dispensary in Tucson, said edibles are the among the safest options for patients. It has an added benefit of controlling dosage of the medicine without having to smoke it.

Asnani said the Downtown Dispensary will continue to sell edibles from other vendors despite the ambiguity of the law.

"The state law did not remove some of the definitions of cannabis from the criminal code and that's why you have this conflict because you have one law that says it's legal and the other part of the law that's saying it's not -- and I think that's really what we're trying to work out right now," Asnani.

At the Green Halo Dispensary, which houses Tucson's only certified marijuana kitchen, management told News 4 Tucson that they will also continue to cook up edible options for patients statewide.

If there is some clarification made in the law in the future, Bloom Dispensaries will likely re-evaluate its options on producing edible marijuana products.


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