Nov 9, 2011 1:38 PM

Mayor-Elect Rothschild discusses his plans for Tucson

TUCSON - Tucson's next Mayor was born and raised in Tucson. Working as an attorney for the past 30 years, Jonathan Rothschild is a Democrat but he says he doesn't view the city's problems or solutions through a partisan eye. Rothschild says compromise is the key.

"If you're willing to compromise and reach solutions we'll get to a good solution, but if everything is only your way, I don't care what the issue is, that doesn't work so well," Rothschild said.
Rothschild says Tucson has big problems and he knows his work is cut out for him.

"It's a hard truth this is a poor community, and we're not going to go change it unless we all work together. I think we need to do that, starting with our small business community that's here and helping improve efficiencies at the city level so they can get through those processes quicker," he said.

The only way to improve the economy is to put people to work, Rothschild says, and one way to do that is to give graduates of the University of Arizona a reason to stay in Tucson after graduating.

"We've got the university, a great national research institute, it creates and produces all sorts of brilliant minds every year that we need to keep here, and have them start their businesses here," Rothschild said.

The Mayor-Elect says he's a hard worker who likes to keep busy. That's a good thing - he'll have to work hard to guide Tucson through the Rio Nuevo issue and a sluggish economy. But Rothschild is confident he can put trust, accountability and pride back into city government.

"I'm going to wake up early every morning, I'm going to get to work, I'm going to do a good day's work, and I'll do it again the next day for four years and let's hope four years from now this community is in a better place. And I think it will be." Rothschild said.

The new mayor takes control on December 5th.


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