Jan 1, 2013 7:07 PM by Lorraine Rivera

Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Tucson

TUCSON - One of Tucson's first dispensarys opened its doors New Year's Day.

Ken Sobel is a managing partner of the Green Halo, "there can't be a better way to begin the new year by being able to be open and take care of patients who need medicine," he said.

The facility served at least two dozen people on opening day, Sobel said. Heather Manus is the registered nurse on staff to assist patients,"I mean this is a plant. It's grown it's natural. And if it helps people I think judgement should just not be there."

According to Manus, she consulted patients between the ages of 20 and 60 and with illnesses ranging from multiple sclerosis to HIV. "These patients are so sick that medical cannabis was their last resort. They're finding great relief from it," she said.

The facility has requested to install a kitchen in the facility so they can distribute marijuana in other forms for patients. Sobel said the products are all donated by local growers in the Tucson area, "by taking a natural medicine which is what medical cannabis is they don't get the serious side effects like narcotics like Oxycontin instead they get all the attributes and the health and the wellness of it."

Green Halo is located off of I-10 and Wilmot Road.


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