Aug 2, 2013 2:29 PM by Ryan Haarer

Medical tech showcased in Tucson trauma conference

TUCSON - Doctors, nurses and first responders from across the southwest are in Tucson this week for the Southwest Regional Trauma Conference.

Each year they come together to learn from the best.

It's also a way for them to share ideas and collaborate to make sure Arizonans are getting the best trauma care possible.

You name it. They see it.

Our first responders, nurses and physicians need to know how to react to any wound-and fast.

"They take away the knowledge of how important it is to do initial pre-hospital management in a burn patient. We're a team and they are probably the most important part of the team. The decisions they make in the field can greatly affect that patients outcome, " Arizona Burn Center's Suzanne Buchanan said.

And that's what it's all about-- improving outcomes. Medical technology is incredible... And constantly evolving. One tool was just approved two months ago by the FDA.

Sot steve dralle, innovative trauma care
"It's a new bleeding control device designed for use by first responders, paramedics, emergency department personnel. So if we have a wound that's hemorrhaging we would take the device from the package, center it over the wound, press and squeeze. It creates an airtight, fluid tight seal which traps the blood inside the wound pocket, allowing it to form a hematoma or a blood pool. Once that pressure in the hematoma equalizes whatever bleeding, whether it's arterial or venous, flow stops into the wound and bleeding is controlled," Steve Draell with Innovative Trauma Care said.

Have you ever had someone give you a shot and miss your vein? One company has thought of a solution...

"So what we're looking at is a device called the accuvain which will use lasers and help us identify vasculature for doing iv's on patients. We use it on patients like aids, we use it on neonates," David Shelton of Enerspect Medical Solutions said.

And these are just a few. Some of the gadgets at the conference are already in use, some by the military.


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