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Oct 26, 2011 12:57 PM

Meet this week's Biggest Loser - Michelle Lindsey

TUCSON - On Tuesday's News 4 at 4, we met the newest Biggest Loser in Tucson: Michelle Linsey.

News 4 Tucson is holding a contest in conjunction with the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser. Every Tuesday, you'll meet a Tucsonan who's done an amazing job dropping the pounds. There's a way you can get involved as well - check out the link below if you think you're Tucson's Biggest Loser.

Overweight for most of her life, Michelle Lindsey says she maxed out at 265 pounds.

"It was horrible," she says. "I didn't have the energy to do anything. I become a couch potato."

That is, until she had enough. She bought a pair of sneakers and sweatpants, "and then I started my walks," Lindsey says. "Before I knew it, I was walking seven miles a day."

After one year, of daily walks and a healthy diet, Michelle lost 110 pounds.

"It was amazing," she says with a laugh. "I was doing things with my daughters more. I was actually getting out of the house and socializing with other people."

Michelle says she kept the 110 pounds off for ten years - until a tragic accident almost took her right leg.

"One afternoon I was a passenger on a friend's motorcycle and we were hit by a car," she explains. "The orthopedic surgeon that I had told me that because I was in such good physical shape, they were going to be able to save my leg."

Did diet and losing weight actually save her leg?

"Absolutely," she says.

That was three years ago. Since then, Michelle has put 30 pounds back on, but, "I'm going to get back to the way I was before this accident happened," she says.

She has no doubt - and that's the key to losing weight.

If you have a weight loss story that you think could inspire others, enter our "Biggest Loser" contest here.

Tell us your weight loss story - on Tuesdays, we'll pick one and share it here on on News 4 at 4. At the end of the season, one of the people we profile will win the grand prize--- a fitness package!


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