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Jan 22, 2014 1:16 PM

Memorial for fallen UA track star at McKale tonight

TUCSON - A memorial service for University of Arizona athlete Lezo Urreiztieta will be held at McKale Wednesday night.

Urreiztieta died after brain surgery.

In December, Lezo Urreiztieta felt nauseous and went to the emergency room. Doctors performed a CT scan and found what they believe was a cavernous hemangioma, according to his brother.

Gaizka Urreiztieta said it was probably a genetic defect and not a result of past concussions.

Urreiztieta elected to have surgery and seemed to be recovering well, then he had a stroke. After another scan, doctors performed a second surgery, and he did not survive.

Lezo Urreiztieta wrestled and played football at Canyon Del Oro High School. He had concussion problems, so he switched to track full-time, according to his brother.


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