Jun 20, 2014 10:50 PM by Lupita Murillo

Migrant children coming across the Arizona border

NOGALES - News 4 Tucson has learned that on Friday morning a group of 12 women and children from Central America turned themselves in to agents at the Tucson Sector of the border.

"It was an unusual situation because it was the guide himself that presumably crossed them into the U.S.," said Art Del Cueto, the Union President for the Local 2544 Tucson Sector.

Del Cueto says the incident happened in the Douglas area, where the guide went back into Mexico then, "went to the top of the fence and yelled out at some agents saying there are some women and children in that corner wanting to turn themselves in."

Many of them make the trek from their home countries through Mexico on a train.

It's a dangerous train ride that takes them all the way through Mexico to the U.S. Border, the train is known as "The Beast."

The children risk more than falling off the train, they can be robbed, raped or exploited by drug cartels during their journey.

The White House announced on Friday that it will be providing over $254 million to Central American governments to help them deal with various issues from immigration to improving security.

Del Cueto is outraged. "It's upsetting because we're putting money to help these people when they could easily be sent back to their country."

Even more demoralizing, just a few months ago Border Patrol agents were having pay issues. "It seems like we are taking care of a lot of people from other countries instead of taking care of our troops on the ground that have been doing the job for years," said Del Cueto.

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