Jul 17, 2014 8:52 PM by Lauren Reimer

Migrant families to spend less time at Tucson Greyhound station

TUCSON - Thirty Central American migrants are dropped off at the Tucson Greyhound bus station every day. All of these people were caught trying to enter the country through Arizona.

They're sent to the bus stop by DHS, eventually traveling to meet up with family members around the county. But first, they spend hours, or even days, waiting for a ride.

Around one Thursday afternoon, three mothers arrived at the station, each traveling with a toddler. All of them were from Guatemala.

In this particular group, one of the babies wasn't feeling well. Tucson college student Adrian Amado stepped in to help, but also to listen.

"When they are telling their stories, you can feel that sadness, you can feel the feeling that they're transmitting to you. And it's something really powerful," said Amado.

When the families get to the bus stop, it can be a bit of a shock. Mike Gutierrez, with Catholic Community Services, said, "A lot of stimulus in here for people just coming out of that detention center."

For more than a month, volunteers working under the name 'Project Mariposa' have been trying to open a new intake center with more privacy just for migrant families.

"It really is just a little bit larger of a space for the women, something that is a little bit more enclosed so that they have a little bit more comfortable feeling," says Sabrina Lopez, who has been helping organize volunteers.

They'll spend time waiting for their bus there instead. The exact location is being kept a secret. It is set to open August 1st, and will be operated by Catholic Community Services.

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