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Aug 1, 2013 9:00 PM by Kristi Tedesco

Military family wins pool fence

TUCSON - Adult supervision is the most effective way to keep kids safe, but when that fails, barriers are the next lines of defense.

This is why we've teamed up the last four years with Pool Guard of Tucson--giving away one pool fence every month during the Kristi's Kids News 4 Tucson Lifesaver program.

A military family is July's pool fence winner.

Joseph James Atkins, they call him Jamey, is 8-and-a-half months old. His grandmother, Sherri Hines Madden, asked Kristi's Kids for help. Jamey's dad is in the Army and his mom is a full time student.

"They're not exactly able to afford a lot of the luxuries that many people have and this is not a luxury. This is a necessity," says Sherri.

Grandma's retired, so she watches Jamey often.

When Matt Baranowski from Pool Guard of Tucson found out Sherri was a local school teacher for more than 20 years, his decision was made.

"These people are giving to their community and their country and we just wanted to do something to help them out."

And there's another reason this fence is going in at the Atkins house.

"Kids never start walking when you think they're going to," says Matt. "It usually happens sooner."

"And once they start walking they're so quick," says Tarin Atkins, Jamey's mom.

"We've never really had a baby or a toddler in this area. So I didn't really know what we were going to do about keeping him safe in the pool, regarding the pool."

It took Pool Guard of Tucson about four hours to finish the job with a $1200 value.


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