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Jul 25, 2014 10:29 PM by Lauren Reimer

Mind the joint; streetcar riders learn to keep their hands to themselves

TUCSON - A new streetcar system in Tucson has officially made its debut. The nearly 4-mile Sun Link Streetcar was ushered in with a grand opening celebration on Friday morning.

The 18-stop route will be covered by eight streetcars, which can each hold about 150 people. The line connects the University of Arizona, the University of Arizona Medical Center, and the downtown area.

During their rides, some passengers encountered an issue. When the streetcar rounds a corner, its two joints bend, posing a possible risk to any body parts that get in the way.

Several men who had their arms wrapped around the hand rails got caught when the car began to turn. They say it surprised them, but did not cause too much pain.

But the issue could pose a larger threat to small children who try to stand between the joint and the handrails.

One mother said, "parents are really going to have to watch out for their kids on here. I'm sure it will be a learning experience for everybody."

There are signs warning passengers to watch their hands and finger around the joints. One passenger suggested, "they need a bigger sign of maybe safety stripes on here."

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