Jan 15, 2014 7:49 PM

Minor League sports have proposed coming to Tucson

TUCSON - Minor league baseball has expressed it's interest in coming to Tucson.

Reunion Sports Group, LLC sent a letter to the county proposing their wish to locate a minor league team to the Kino Sports Complex for their 2014 season.

Reunion Sports is an investor group which owns United League Baseball, an independent baseball league started in 2005.

Owned by league co-founders John Bryant and Byron Pierce who had left the original ownership group a few years back and then purchased the league out of bankruptcy in 2009, Reunion owns all of the franchises of United League Baseball, including the Rio Grande Valley White Wings, Amarillo Dillas, San Angelo Colts, Laredo Broncos, Edinburg Roadrunners, and Coastal Bend Thunder.

Here's a look at the proposal in its entirety:

Thank you very much for meeting with me on Friday, January 3rd regarding use of the baseball stadium at the Kino Sports Complex. As discussed, we wish to permanently locate an independent minor league professional baseball team in Tucson beginning in the 2014 season which would make its home at Kino Sports Complex.
To that end we propose these terms for your consideration and discussion:
1. The team will pay annual stadium rent of $76,418.02, payable in equal monthly installments, February through September, for year around occupancy of the team offices and seasonal use of the stadium for a total of 72 games, consisting of the home team’s regular season games, such spring training or exhibition games of other professional or collegiate leagues which the home team may book in the stadium, including teams affiliated with Major League Baseball, foreign leagues, or collegiate leagues, plus the second games of any home team double-headers, home team league playoff games for which the team may qualify, and, from time to time, the league all-star game. For each Major League Baseball spring training event booked, the team will pay the Stadium District an additional $10,000.
2. The team will be responsible during its season for utilities and post-game stadium maintenance.
3. The Stadium District will be responsible for field maintenance, provided, however, that pre-game striping and marking of the field shall be the responsibility of the team.
4. The team will be the year around concessionaire in the stadium, paying the Stadium District twenty percent of gross concession revenues from each and every event other than the team’s scheduled regular season, playoff, and All Star games.
5. In 2014, in view of the existence of the lease with, and prepayment by, North County Baseball, LLC, d/b/a the Tucson Padres, and the challenge presented by the resulting late start of business by the new team
a. the team will pay stadium rent of $1,069.67 per month, January through December, for occupancy of the team offices (or equivalent space in the stadium until the departure of the Tucson Padres), and for use of the stadium for a total of 48 games plus the second games of any team doubleheaders, such league playoff games for which the team may qualify, and, at the team’s option, the league all-star game; and
b. until and unless the current stadium lease with the Tucson Padres is terminated, all 2014 team games must be played on dates other than the dates of the scheduled home games of the El Paso Chihuahuas; and
c. the team will be bound by all other provisions in items 1 through 4 above.
This proposal is respectfully submitted with the understanding that there may be existing circumstances unknown to me that require its modification and further discussion.
I am available to return to Tucson immediately to accomplish a final agreement. In order to make this proposal more definitive, and in order that you may conveniently compare it side by side with your existing stadium lease, if you will email to me the existing lease with North County Baseball, LLC in Word format I will modify it to reflect the new proposal in greater detail (I have it but only in PDF format).
I understand that providing the Word document in no way suggests your approval of the proposed terms. I will return this proposed modification to you tomorrow. I sincerely hope to be working with you on a regular basis in 2014 and appreciated very much our meeting. Yours truly, [signed original sent by U.S. mail] John Bryant


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